Wed, May 6, 16:02
Finance is the hyperobject
The market is ding an sich
More or less than the weather?
And the web
And nuclear deterence
Power and water systems
Roadways and traffic
I don't think those are hyperobjects
Food systems
But they are systems that also have advanced complexity
I've been trying to think of as many as possible to compare and contrast
The Catholic Church, Mecca, Indian cults
Yeah for sure but still amenable to control from the top
The web for all its wonders is pretty mappable both in content and infrastructure
And it is subsumed by the market
Ocean currents and jetstream which are subsumed by the weather
Then the realm of the intergalactic: particles, waves and dark physics (and all the shit we don't know about)
Viruses and bacteria and cell-based life
Esoteric systems
Memes, rituals, protocols
Economies, political systems, regimes all fade and die but culture remains 🗿